Design Manager

  • Service Design
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Design Manager

Job description

If you are a passionate design leader who enjoys mentoring a team to deliver innovative design solutions to complex problems,

If you have a 360° and holistic approach to systems’ solutions and channels,

If you are keen on new business and partnership opportunities with clients and stakeholders,

If you possess these superpowers: empathy, flexibility, collaboration, and great design sensibilities


Then we're in LUCK and you're WANTED!

Job requirements

At HUED, we are looking for a Design Manager to lead our service design business linesfor our Riyadh office. We have the following key expectations from you (we have others as well, but let's keep that for later):


  1. You love things to be organized and transparent: You own and manage projects to ensure that everything meets expectations and beyond
  2. You work very closely with clients and co-create with them using principles of service design
  3. You continuously seek to find new creative solutions to complex scenarios
  4. You have an extreme focus on innovation: You are always seeking to break boundaries of what Design could be
  5. You inspire your team with your empathetic approach. You practice what you preach!
  6. You can think beyond the screen when it comes to experience
  7. You have the ability adapt to dynamic situation for example, meeting and supporting clients located all over time zones
  8. You have great communication skills and love to build engaging relationships with clients and your team

You will be working with a cross-functional team of designers, researchers, innovators, and technologists from all over the world (and some outside as well !).

The work we do creates significant impact on people's lives, and together, we can continue to create even more significant impact. So, what are you waiting for? Yalla JOIN US NOW!!