Service Designer

  • Service Design
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Service Designer

Job description

HUED, a leading design & innovation agency in the Middle East, is a pioneer of Service Design in the region. We are currently looking for a Service Design Consultant. 

Job requirements

We have the following key expectations from you (we have others as well but lets keep that for later):   

1. You are great at designing stellar service experiences for people.

2. You are extremely curious about how the world and its systems & services could be designed better.

3. You continuously seek to enhance the process of designing great services experiences.

4. You get excited about doing research and ethnographic fieldwork.

5. The term hard-working doesn't apply to you since you enjoy Service Design work so much.

6. Extreme focus on innovation: you are always seeking to break boundaries of what service means and how it could deliver better value.  


You will be working in the first and largest Service Design and Innovation company in the Gulf region with a team of passionate designers & innovators from all over the world.